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Academic societies

ESMAC The purpose of the European Society of Movement Analysis for Adults and Children is to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge, professional interaction and the exchange of ideas among Society members relating to movement analysis in adults and children in clinical and research settings.
gcmas-printready The Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society is a multi-disciplinary organization of physicians, allied health professionals, engineers, biomechanists and scientists working together to advance scientific knowledge, technical capabilities, and clinical practice in the field of human movement based in North America.
CMAS CMAS covers the UK and Ireland and was formed to encourage professional interaction, develop and monitor operational standards and training, and to stimulate and advance scientific knowledge in the fields of clinical motion analysis
Siamoc The mission of the  Italian Society of Clinical Movement Analysis is to foster the study and the clinical application of movement analysis methods, in order to improve the functional evaluation of motor disorders, to enhance the efficacy of the treatments through a quantitative analysis of data and a more focussed treatment planning, to quantify the results of current therapies.
Gamma GAMMA is the academic society for the German speaking regions of Europe and is committed to ensuring that the instrumental gait and movement analysis in clinical diagnostics become an established research method.
Smalll Smalll is an association for individuals working or otherwise involved in the field of clinical motion analysis in the Dutch language.
sofamea SOFAMEA is the gait analysis society for French speakers within Europe.


The Nordic Vicon User Group is the closest there to an academic society in Scandinvia and the Baltic region.
ISB The International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) was founded to promote the study of all areas of biomechanics at the international level, although special emphasis is given to the biomechanics of Human Movement.
ESB The goal of the European Society of Biomechanics is to encourage research, disseminate knowledge and promote progress in Biomechanics.
 ASB The American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) was founded to encourage and foster the exchange of information and ideas among biomechanists working in different disciplines and fields of application, biological sciences, exercise and sports science, health sciences, ergonomics and human factors, and engineering and applied science, and to facilitate the development of biomechanics as a basic and applied science.

Software and other resources

Mokka_128 Mokka is an open-source motion analyzer software that can read, edit, write and visualize motion capture data (trajectories, model outputs, events, analog, force-plates)
btk-256 BTK is an open-source and cross-platform library for biomechanical analysis. BTK read and write acquisition files and can modify them. All these operations can be done by the use of the C++ API or by the wrappers included (Matlab and Scilab).
 c3d This web site provides definitive information about the C3D file format for programmers, manufacturers and end-users. The C3D format is a public domain, binary file format that has been used in Biomechanics, Animation and Gait Analysis laboratories to record synchronized 3D and analog data since the mid 1980’s.  It is supported by all 3D major Motion Capture System manufacturers, as well as other companies in the Biomechanics, Motion Capture and Animation Industries.
 ADM is based at the Red Cross Centre for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for Children in Bois-Larris just North or Paris. Lot’s of resources particularly some nice videos. Helps if you understand French but with Google Translate this isn’t really a barrier.
CGA Clinical Gait Analysis. An old favorite originally managed by Chris Kirtley and now maintained by Contemplas. Stimulated a lot of debate about ten years ago but has not, as far as I am aware been added to recently. There is still a lot of really useful information here which I still make reference to reasonably frequently. Still one of very few sites where there are clinical case studies with gait analysis data. There is also considerable discussion about those cases. It would be interesting to go back and look at those now and see if much has changed.
 Other blogs
 Megrot  Fabrice Megrot – blogging in French but turn on Google Translate.
 HBMenz_portrait 2010_headshot  Hylton Menz – Australian podiatrist keeping us updated with what’s new at the foot and ankle level.

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