Measuring walking – a handbook of clinical gait analysis

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As the title suggests the book focuses very much on how measurements are made in gait analysis and will be most useful to those making or interpreting those measurements – to any clinical gait analyst in other words. The chapter on Clinical Interpretation is the fullest exposition of my ideas on Impairment Focussed Interpretation that I’ve so far published. I hope the book will also be useful to anyone who is using gait analysis techniques in much broader context than clinical service delivery.

Click on the image above to download an .pdf order form. You should be able to fill it in within your browser but will then have to save it to send it off to Mac Keith (the e-mail address is at the bottom left of the form). Click here to get an ordinary .pdf if you’d prefer to print out and fill in by hand.

Its also available at the major internet retailers. I had minimal influence on pricing but do note that what you’ll pay depends on where you live. Booktopia in Australia are  70% more expensive than the list price in the UK . in the States are offering it at a 14% discount for the same price as  its undiscounted price on (give or take a few cents on the $/£ conversion). even have a selection of used copies (its only been out 3 months!) which you can buy for more than the cost of a new book. How does that work?

Mac Keith Press is a not-for-profit publisher specialising in providing “information to advance treatment and care of children with disability”. It publishes the journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology as well as a range of books. It is linked to Scope one of the UK’s larger charities for children with disabilities. I’ve admired the activities of Scope UK for many years and I’ve decided to donate whatever royalties arise from sales to them.

A few people have spotted mistakes (nothing too serious so far). If you do spot them I’d be very happy for you to post these as comments to this a page so that everyone can be aware of them. I’ll try and get them corrected for any later editions. Please feel free to post comments about the book as well – are there issues you disagree with?


Journal of Biomechanics 

Read what Steve Stanhope has to say about the book here.  The comments triggered a post that you can read here.

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Review by Jon Davids.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Review by Carole Tucker.

Amazon reviews here and reviews here (including quite a detailed review by David Ewins which first appeared in the CMAS Newsletter).

American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists: Academy Today

This is actually a review of this blog-site rather than my book but there’s nowhere else I can think of putting a link in.


Really sorry about the recurring errors in labelling moment graphs which won’t help the ongoing debate about whether we should report internal or external moments. The intention was to report internal moments throughout but I’ve obviously failed in this!

Page xvi, Paragraph 3:   should read … obliquity (coronal plane …

Page 24, Figure 2.16: units for power should be Watts/kg (thanks to Anmin Liu), also all vertical label pairs (Flex/Ext, Add/Abd, Var/Valg,  Int Ext) should be swapped on moment graphs.

Page 25. Table 2.1. I’ve missed out the square root sign on the denominator of the equation for non-dimensional normalisation of velocity. The equation should be v/√(gl0). (thanks to Stephane Armande)

Page 46, Figure 3.12: on back view of person (right hand side) markers should be labelled Left PSIS and Right PSIS  (thanks to Anmin Liu)

Page 78,Figure 6.4:  “half-wave rectification” should read “rectification” or “full-wave rectification” for more detail read wikipedia. (thanks to Steve Preece)

Page 82, Paragraph 4: should read … will have equal effects on the opposing …

Page 138, Caption to Figure 10.1: The reference at the end of this is not relevant and should be ommitted (thanks to Peyman Aghaie)

Page 147, Figure 10.10: Label on positive vertical axis of top right hand graph should read “Abductor”  (thanks to Anmin Liu).

Page 153 “that that” should be “that” in 3rd line of paragraph headed Pelvic markers (thanks to Sizhong Wang).

Page 160, Figure 11.7: several label  pairs should be swapped; Flex/Ext for knee extensor moment, Dors/Plan for Plantarflexor moment, Add/Abd for hip abductor moment and Ankle evertor moment, Var/Valg for knee abductor moment, Int/Ext on three rotation graphs; also all units should be Nm-kg (thanks to Anmin Liu).

Page 162, Figure 11.8. same graph labelling errors as Figure 11.7 (thanks to Anmin Liu).

Page 203, Paragraph 2, line 2: “conicidence” should be “coincidence” (thanks to Sizhong Wang).

Page 219, Table A2.1: Mean pelvic tilt should be 13° (thanks to Sizhong Wang).



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