Calculating the standard error of measurement (SEM)

Follow the links to the different sections (which are linked to each other in sequence if you want to work through them in order):

  1. Introduction
  2. Calculating SEM from measurements on one person
  3. Calculating SEM from measurements on more than one person
  4. Calculating SEM with just two measurements for each person
  5. Calculating SEM using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
  6. Confidence limits on the SEM
  7. Measurements made by different assessors
  8. A note for gait analysts
  9. A more complex (and realistic) example


Resources (Excel spreadsheets):

  1. calculating-the-sem-from-measurements-on-one-person.xlsx
  2. calculating-the-sem-from-measurements-on-more-than-one-person.xlsx
  3. calculating-the-sem-from-with-just-two-measurements-for-one-person.xlsx
  4. a-more-complex-and-realistic-example.xlsx
  5. multiplying-factor-calculator.xlsx