GPS, MAP and GDI calculators

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This is an Excel spreadsheet to help people calculate the GPS, MAP and GDI. I’ve been a little reluctant to make this available because my main motivation in developing the scores was to have a simple measure that could be easily implemented. It disappoints me a bit that despite the simplicity of their simplicity people still seem dependent on someone like me to provide the technology for calculation.

We didn’t put the actual equations in our original paper because we though the concept of root mean square difference was explicit and didn’t require it. We were clearly mistaken in this and it a later paper (Baker et al. 2012) we have included the equations.

I’ve prepared these spreadsheets in Excel form so they are independent of the gait analysis hardware and software used. You will almost certainly have to jump through a number of hurdles to get data out of any particular system and format it appropriately to enter it into this spreadsheet. If you have any data processing or programming skills a firmly recommend that you use this as a basis for writing your own code to calculate the scores rather than to format the data to continue using this spreadsheet.

As with all my software I’ve done the best I can to ensure it is correct but it is the responsibility of individual users to ensure that this is the case. If you find any mistakes then kindly contact me and I’ll attempt to rectify them as soon as possible. From now on I’ll use this site as the primary record of any such issues and how they have been resolved.

Known issues:

v3.1 had errors in calculating pelvic tilt MAP component and hence GPS. Also had error in calculating GDI for any data but those in the first column. These have been corrected in version 3.2.

v3.2 includes formatting changes so it is a good illustration for my screencast “Formatting spreadsheets to analyse gait data”.


Baker, R., McGinley, J. L., Schwartz, M., Thomason, P., Rodda, J., & Graham, H. K. (2012). The minimal clinically important difference for the Gait Profile Score. Gait Posture, 35(4), 612-615.


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