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Recycling terminology
This screencast outlines a simple scheme for dividing the gait cycle into phases based on single or double support. It also compares that with the conventional terminology used in clinical gait analysis and asks which is preferable.
 GCMAS 2013 cover Comparing normative reference data
A version of the talk podium presentation I gave at GCMAS in Cincinnati suggesting that we should compare normative reference data between lab more and laying down a framework for doing this.
 Thumbnail Making nice gait graphs in Excel
If you can get the data into Excel this screencasts shows you how to get nice looking gait graphs.
 2 Formatting spreadsheets to analyse gait data
This screencast suggests how you can format spreadsheets to process and output gait data.
 Thumbnail Making attractive gait graphs in Polygon
Screencast that also shows you how to import the data to Polygon, format it and the export to either Word or Excel.
 Thumbnail Making a nice MAP in Excel
Screencast that also shows you how to set up a well formatted Movement Analysis Profile in Excel. You can download the Excel file used by clicking here.
 Why we walk the way we do (1 - learning from history) Why we walk the way we do
The first screencast in the series explaining the biomechanics of normal walking. Subsequent screencasts can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of this one or directly using the links below.This screencast establishes an historical context for the approach I’ve adopted.
 WWWTWWD2 This is meant as a short introduction for people not used to the idea of biomechanical models. Best skipped if you do!
 WWWTWWD3 A little similar to the previous screencast in that it’s really for people who aren;t familiar with great graphs and will be of little use to those who are.
 WWWTWWD4  This is where the biomechanics really starts.
 WWWTWWD5 If you want to play around with the interactive animation to explore clearance then scroll down this page.
 WWWTWWD6 Again if you want to play around with the interactive animation to explore step length then scroll down this page.
 WWWTWWD7  Little bit of kinetics sneaks in here but I don’t think you can understand the need for a double support phase without it.
 WWWTWWD8  Goes a little against the grain of some recent thinking.


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