Formatting spreadsheets to make your life easier


This is another short video blog describing how you can format Excel spreadsheets when analysing gait data which uses the spreadsheet template for calculating GPS, MAP and GDI that you can find on the Resources page of this blog-site as an example.

In summary:

  • Put the data in columns on one worksheet, one column for each gait cycle.
  • Put any analysis that operates on data for individual gait cycles on  another worksheet arranged in columns in the same order.
  • Put any analysis that works across gait cycles in a further worksheet.
  • Put tables and graphs of output in this or another worksheet.
  • Label the worksheets sensibly and put in a logical order.
  • If you want other people to use the spreadsheet put instructions on the left-most tab.
  • Save the document looking as you want it to look when the next person opens it up.

If the analysis gets too complex then learn a programming language, it’s generally much more efficient than using spreadsheets!


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