Post-doctoral research opportunity at University of Salford

Sorry to clog up your in-box if you are really happy where you are but we have just announced a 4 year post-doctoral research fellowship in biomechanical modelling for clinical gait analysis. The full blurb reads something like this:

This is one of a small number of highly strategic research career opportunities being funded by the University with the explicit aim of making a significant contribution to the University’s REF2020 submission and to the University’s research income position. 

The primary focus particularly over the first two years is to drive a research programme : Development and validation of a new version of the Conventional Gait Model. This will build on previous work in Salford (Chris Nester and Richard Baker) and at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne (Richard Baker and Morgan Sangeux) and has financial support from Vicon. It is hoped that the work will involve use of bone pin studies to validate the kinematic aspects of the model (subject to appropriate ethical approvals). 

In the final three years the appointee is expected to develop and source funding for a research programme growing out of this area and in collaboration with other researchers within the University. 

Please visit our web-site for full details and to lodge an application or contact Professor Richard Baker ( to discuss informally).


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