Learning opportunities at the University of Salford

An occasion post publicising some of the learning opportunities on offer at the University of Salford.

Virtual Classroom – Kinematic models for clinical gait analysis

Dec 2015 virtual classroomTuesday 1st December 2015, 7:00-8:00pm UK time.

This is a virtual classroom from the masters programme in Clinical Gait Analysis on the subject of Kinematic models for clinical gait analysis that is open to anyone anywhere. Register, join our regular students, find out what a virtual classroom is like and learn about such models. To receive details on how to access the event please register by e-mail using this link (not text is necessary the automatically generated subject is sufficient).

Clinical Gait Analysis – an impairment focussed approach

Manual pictureWednesday 11th – Friday 13th May 2016

This is a three day course in clinical gait analysis focussing on the interpretation and reporting of data following an impairment based approach. It builds on the success of a similar course held in June last year. We’ll be working again with local partners from Oswestry and Sheffield. It is a mix of lectures, workshops and group case studies designed to empower you to write better gait analysis reports. To learn more and register follow this link. (Note full programme will not be available until January).

Masters Programme in Clinical Gait Analysis

This is a three year part-time work-based programme delivered by distance learning. There is no requirement to come to Salford at all if you don’t want to. It is designed to equip individuals from either a clinical or technical skills to develop the full range of competencies required of a clinical gait analyst. It is part of the CMAster collaboration which will enable students to undertake a shorter full-time research project at VU Amsterdam or KU Leuven in place of the normal one year part-time research project in the final year.

The programme commences in late September each year but we welcome enquires at any time and can provide recommendations to prepare yourself in advance of enrolling. To find out more including details of how to apply use this link.

Customised gait courses

We are happy to offer gait courses tailored to the specific demands of small groups to be delivered either in Salford or in your own locality. So far we’ve delivered such courses for groups from Russia, Thailand, Denmark, South Africa and the UK. To make enquiries please e-mail me directly.

Postgraduate Research Studentships

We can offer both MSc and PhD by research. Most of our students study on-site full-time but it is possible to study by distance learning part-time. Unfortunately we only have a very small number of funded studentships which are advertised as they become available. We are always willing to consider potential students who are able to fund their own studies either personally or with a grant from a third party. To make enquiries please e-mail me directly.

Learning resources

We maintain another web-site www.gaitcourses.com with details of all our courses and other learning activities. It includes full schedules to all previous courses and access to a range of learning materials used on them (some are password protected to restrict access to people who have paid to come on the courses).

Don’t forget the resources that are available on this blog-site as well. Explore the menu bar under the banner above.


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