First master’s students complete studies

Our school Progression Board met on Wednesday and formally approved the award of degrees for the first cohort of students to complete our new masters in clinical movement analysis. I’m sure there is a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction among the students. They’ve worked hard for three years, all of them balancing the requirements of studying alongside their day jobs working in gait analysis services in widely different locations. ~It would be great to post a picture of them all working together but of course they’ve all been studying by distance learning from their own location and the whole group has only ever met in cyberspace (although individuals have visited each other or met at conferences) so instead I’ll insert an advert for anyone who might want to apply for next year!

enrol 2016

During the first two years they worked through a programme of learning exercises drawing them into deeper understanding of clinical gait analysis and this year they have focussed on a research project of their own devising. The five projects have been:

  • How does arm swing change during walking in children with unilateral CP when an orthosis successfully alters foot strike pattern?
  • Effect of rounded bottom profile shoes on foot clearance in children with stiff knee gait.
  • A comparison of knee adductor moments from the Plug-in Gait model and a 6 Degrees of freedom model at  self-selected and slow walking speeds.
  • A cross sectional exploratory study to evaluate the validity of the Salford foot model in chronic stroke survivors.
  • A comparison of the repeatability of two different foot models at self-selected speed in healthy adults.

As well as the obvious success of the students, there has also been a strong sense of achievement for me and the other teaching staff. The programme has grown out of the CMAster project sponsored by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme and in partnership with KU Leuven and VU Amsterdam. We spent two years planning the programme and then three years delivering it so this week really marks the completion of a five year project. We’re all very proud of what we’ve achieved and Adam Shortland, our external examiner, is equally enthusiastic.

There is still time to apply to enrol for this year programme (to start in late September). Further details including how to apply can be found at this link. There is more information, including some material to support those considering enrolling at this site. The application period will end on 31st July and it can take a little time to get yourself sorted so if you are interested now is the time to take action.


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