Three day gait course in June

Hi, I’m struggling to find time to write proper blog articles at the moment but readers may be interested to know that one of the projects that is taking up my time is a new three day clinical gait analysis course that we will be hosting in Salford from 4-6 June this year.

I’m quite excited by it. It builds on very successful courses I was involved in developing while I was in Melbourne based around the impairment focussed approach to interpretation and reporting of clinical gait analysis data that I’ve been working on for the last ten years or so. I hope what will differentiate our course form other similar courses is this strong over-arching framework within which all material will be presented. Certainly the feedback we got from clinicians who attended its predecessors was very positive.

It’s really designed for health professionals (from any background) either working in clinical gait analysis services or referring patients to them. The approach has been developed for children with cerebral palsy and the case exercises will focus on these. We’ll spend some time towards the end of the course, however, discussing how the techinques can be adapted for other patient groups.

If you are interested in coming then look at the University of Salford web-site for further details.


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