Making nice gait graphs in Excel

This is quite a simple post with a tutorial screencast of how to format gait graphs nicely in Excel. For a long time I just didn’t think this was possible but you can see from the image below that it is! The screencast is the simplest example of a range of tools we are developing to support students who enrol on ourmaster’s degree programme in clinical gait analysis which starts in September as part of the EU funded CMAster project.

Nice gait graph

The main thing that makes plotting the graphs like this possible is that you can select different series within the same chart to have different chart types. I suspect that this feature may not be available in early versions of Excel but don’t know when it was introduced – this graph was generated in Excel 2010 on a PC. If you are good at working with charts in Excel then this is all you really need to know and watching the screencast will only waste another 20 minutes of your life. If you are not then I suggest you just watch the screencast and I’ll explain things a bit more slowly.

One top tip I’ll offer – if you want to create an array of graphs make sure that your formatting is correct on the first graph before you start copying and pasting. If you find a mistake later on you’ll have to correct it on each graph separately.

I’ve said in the screencast that I’ll produce another one to show how to add in the timing data. The only way I know to do this is a little bit messy. Does anyone know a nice straightforward way?

(Note that the screencast is recorded in reasonably high definition but you may have to use full screen display and increase the resolution with the little cog icon at the bottom left of the video to appreciate this.)



  1. If you please, i need to know from where he come with theses data maen, SD, left and right and percent of gait cycle Data

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